5 Ways to Keep Your Clients

May 21, 2020 1 Comment

5 Ways to Keep Your Clients

First Impressions Matter 

First impressions are everything! Here are some tips all stylists can incorporate into their services which will leave clients impressed and ready to come back for more! 


It is important now more than ever to not only give your clients high-quality service but also demonstrating correct sanitary practices. A couple of tips you can use include: 

  • Spraying down and cleaning off the top layer of cream products before application
  • Spraying and sharpening all pencil products with 99% alcohol 
  •  Using a stainless-steel makeup spatula and mixing palette (steel is one of the most sanitary materials to work with) 



Providing your clients with special ‘touch up bags’ after your service is a great way for them to remember you and emphasize a positive first impression. Touch up kits can include: 

  • A sample of their lipstick 
  • Nail file 
  • Your business card



Following up with your client within a day or two on how their hair or makeup lasted will make them feel special as well as give you some insight on how to improve in the future. 


Some clients may not mention it, but many are often interested in seeing what goes into the process of your services. Whether it is hair or makeup, it is good to communicate with them on how you plan to achieve the look that they want as well as show them your process along the way. This will help build trust from the beginning and allow you to connect and build relationships with your clients.


Learning to manage your time effectively is important to ensure your clients know that they can count on you from the first time they hire you.

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Nakeshia Brown
Nakeshia Brown

May 21, 2020

Awesome tips. Well surely incorporate tip 2 in my service.

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