5 Key ways to tell whether your hair is Raw Remy hair or not

August 14, 2017

5 Key ways to tell whether your hair is Raw Remy hair or not

In life, as time goes on we expect the things we purchase to be of the highest quality. There was a time we were satisfied with our phones simply making phone calls, but nowadays if our phones don't talk back to us we regard it as not good enough. The same concept applies to hair. As time has past, we've come to expect high quality hair. Currently, the highest classification of hair is labelled as Raw Remy. The definition of Raw Remy can be seen in detail in the classifications of hair post

The hair game is forever changing rapidly which could sometimes cause some confusion when it comes to purchasing this high quality hair.

Eager to make sure your next purchase is Raw Remy Hair?  Below are 4 Key pointers to help you out;

1. Make sure the cuticles are present

  •  Raw hair is unprocessed which means the cuticles are present. If the cuticles are not present the hair has been placed in an acid bath and stripped of all its cuticles.
  • To check whether the cuticles are present glide your hand down the hair shaft in the direction of hair growth it should feel smooth and you should feel very little resistance.
  • When you glide it the other direction you should feel restriction if it is raw hair.

2. Make sure the hair you receive is chemical free and hasn't been tampered with

  • One of the most basic tests of raw hair versus processed “virgin” hair would be to wash the hair in a neutralizing shampoo. If you witness the presence of a pink foam during your wash, this means that chemicals have been used on the hair.
  • Once again, unprocessed hair means no silicon, relaxers , dyes or perms have been used to alter the hair. This test is not 100 percent foolproof as a vendor could have easily took the time to thoroughly wash the hair they have chemically processed.

3. Make sure that the hair doesn't have a uniform pattern

  • When looking at the hair, ask yourself, "Is there a uniform pattern?"
  • Raw hair is cut from a person's head which means the hair does not have a uniform pattern. No one has a perfect wave from root to tip. There is always irregularity in texture.
  • If you see that perfect  “body wave” pattern in your bundle this means that the hair is most likely not raw hair.

4. Pay attention to the color of the hair

  • Raw hair usually comes in a brown or dark brown colour depending from the region it is taken from. Jet black hair is not as prevalent unless you're getting the hair from China, South Korea or other East Asian countries. 
  • You can also expect some strands of raw hair within the same bulk to be slightly different colours as overtime, the suns rays causes some of the strands on these females heads to slightly alter colors

5. Understanding the cost of the hair

  • Raw hair is rare and very much sought after which means it is not cheap. If your vendor is selling you Raw hair for Aliexpress prices you should be very skeptical. You'll be hard pressed to find bundles and a closure for less than $300USD.
  • You pay for quality.

I hope you found this information helpful. I wish you all the best on all your hair endeavours. Happy hair shopping!


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