6 Signs you Need a New Hairstylist

December 04, 2018

6 Signs you Need a New Hairstylist

6 Signs you Need a New Hairstylist/MUA  

As women our hair is our glory. In order to guarantee we remain glorious we need to ensure our hair is in the right care. That hair care starts with you and ends with your hairdresser.Itsno secret that many of us have had horror stories of hair appointments that have just went completely wrong. I think we’ve all at one point suffered at the hands of a stylist who can’t style hair, or who always seems to be late for every appointment. Oh, and how dare we forget the hairstylist who always seems to have an excuse as to why your hair didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. The fact of the matter is that many hairstylists do not realize how much their habits affect you or how much you value these characteristics. Here are a few key signs that you need a new hairstylist

  1. Bad Communication

We’ve all had issues with past hairstylists who cannot provide what we’ve asked for. These are the hairstylists that give you curly hair when you’ve asked for straight. These are the same hairstylists that take a quick glimpse of the hairstyle you want and recreate something completely unfamiliar  and then claim it was what you asked for. In these instances we leave our appointment feeling utterly disappointed, unheard or misunderstood.

A good hairdresser will sit down with you and discuss the hairstyle you want and make sure that their understanding is aligned with your own. Without an open dialogue hair stylists often use their own interpretation which leads to misunderstandings and disappointments. If you have a hairstylist that is impossible to talk to then you need a new hairdresser. A good hairdresser will make dialogue easy. Find a hairdresser that you can feel comfortable communicating with and that won’t let you leave the chair without you being satisfied. Don’t settle for less ladies. Remember, your hair is your crown.

  1. Broken Promises

Promises are often easy to make and even easier to break. A good hairdresser will never make promises they can’t keep. A bad hairdresser will promise to deliver a hairstyle that they have not yet fully perfected themselves. A good hairdresser will never proclaim to be anything that they are not. They will never claim to be the best if they're still learning and if they promise to deliver they will deliver. If you have a stylist that promises you Beyoncé and gives you Zeyonce, you need to get out of there. That’s not to say that you should completely write off all stylists who have not perfected a hairstyle yet. As long as they are honest and transparent with their skillset, and your comfortable knowing their capabilities, then all is fair. Honesty is always the best policy

  1. Always Blaming external factors

We are all humans which means we all make mistakes. However when we make mistakes, we have to readily accept responsibility. A bad hairdresser tends to constantly blame external factors such as the clients hair, the seat, their previous client, instead of admitting their mistakes or letting the client know beforehand that they may not be able to deliver what was asked of them.

A good hairstylist always admits mistakes when they happen. They never try to hide their mistakes or blame others or external circumstances. Instead, they own up to them and do everything in their power to fix the mistake they’ve made until the client is fully satisfied. Side note ladies, if your hairdresser advises you on the type of hair to bring and the state/condition you should have you hair in LISTEN TO THEM.

  1. Bad Time Management

Now we all know that things come up and sometimes there is nothing we could do about it. However, when a hairdresser is CONSTANTLY late, it speaks to their character. Time management is essential for everyone, and especially for those working in the customer service industry. When working with you, a hairstylist must be respectful of your time. A bad hairstylist will always put their needs before their clients. They are constantly rescheduling, double booking or even canceling your appointment with little to no notice. Lets not forget the hairdresser, who “forgets” your appointment or even worse, forgets, and then claims that you didn’t even book the appointment to begin with

All these things are an annoyance, and its important that you hold your hairstylist accountable and up to a higher standard. With that being said, it’s also important to hold yourself up to that standard as well. Once you find that punctual stylist, arrive on time for your appointments, if your appointment is at 10, don't get their for 10:05 or 10:15 be there for 10:00 on the dot.

In retrospect, a good hairstylist will not take weeks to answer your inquiry. Whether you are looking to book an appointment, have questions about how to maintain the hairstyle they just did for you, or your asking about what products to buy; a good hairstylist will make the time to answer you. It is understandable that some hairstylists are busy and may have many appointments, but a good hairstylist cares about your questions and will try to take the time to answer in a timely matter. If you are constantly waiting for you stylist to respond then you need to start responding to a new stylist. Girl, get you a stylist that puts YOU first!

  1. Does not care about your Hair.

Now being able to slay hair, is an important part of being a good hairstylist, but a great hairstylist also knows how to provide tender love and care to your hair. Ladies, we all want to have killer weaves, wigs and extensions, but we must not neglect our real hair. A bad hairstylist will do anything to your hair and put anything in your hair just to get the job done, regardless of whether it’s healthy or not and that is unacceptable.

A good hairdresser on the other hand, will try by any means possible to protect and keep your hair healthy. A good hairdresser will learn what your hair likes and dislikes, and will give you effective advice when needed.  Thats why its important to choose the right hairdresser and build that raport and bond with them.

  1. Bad Customer Service  

A bad stylist will have horrible manners. I’m talking about the stylist that can’t stop swearing, gossiping, telling inappropriate stories or being plain rude. A good hairdresser feels out their client and acts appropriately. If their client is sociable they will engage with their client. If a client is quiet they will respect their silence. A good hairdresser will not yell across to other stylists or clients, eat, talk on the phone or chew gum while doing a client’s hair. A good hairstylist will give any client on their chair their undivided attention. This means turning off their phone and giving their clients 100% of their attention. If your stylist is doing anything but your hair during an appointment they are not giving the treatment that you deserve.

Here you go ladies! Hopefully this helps you find the right hairstylist that allows you to be glorious. Remember, you have the power to choose which hairstylist you want to do your hair. The only person who can book an appointment is you, so choose wisely.

If you have a stylist that displays two or more of these signs then it might be time to find someone new. If you need some help finding a stylist in your area don’t freak out, that’s what BnB is here for! Remember Ladies BnB always has your back. Next year we will be launching an app that will help you find the perfect black mua/hairstylist in your area the amazing part about it is that you will get the opportunity to read through ratings and reviews before deciding whether or not to book with them.

We have just 18 days left in our kickstarter campaign, and we are 20% closer to reach our goal of $39,000. To make this app an absolute reality, we need your support. We can't wait for you to make a pledge and receive some amazing rewards!

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Happy Slaying!



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