10.1 What’s the difference between Raw hair and virgin Hair?

What’s the difference between Raw hair and virgin Hair?

Virgin hair usually comes in names like Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair, with curl patterns and names like “body wave”, “deep curly”, “water wave”. It is important that we take these names with a grain of salt as in many cases, these types of names are not what they appear to be. Although Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair or other forms of hair named after south American countries may exist in extremely small numbers, for the most part, these are just names given to hair in attempts to make the hair seem more appealing. Most of the hair comes from India and sometimes south east Asia. It is often of bad quality coming from left over combed hair , salon hair droppings and sometimes even mixed with synthetic fibers and animal hair

Remy raw hair is not mixed with any synthetic fibres, animal hair , comb hair or leftover salon hair droppings, which we know reduces the quality of the hair. Raw  hair is the highest quality of hair and is usually expensive. It is 100% unprocessed human hair and can therefore last you a lifetime.