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          With over two million mobile apps available on iOS and Android, and with these numbers rising all the time, the stark reality is that only apps with quality content and an exceptional customer experience will have any chance of being installed. Whilst the proliferation of smartphones has certainly fueled rapid demand for more and more mobile apps, today too many consumers view apps as ‘throwaway’ accessories when it comes to the software on their handsets. In fact according to recent research by helpshift blog, you only have a moment to make a good impression with your mobile apps, as 80 per cent are deleted after just one use. I’m not surprised by this statistic, in fact I was reading a piece of research last week in ITProPortal conducted by web hosting company 34SP.com, which surveyed 1000 UK mobile users and found that two in five said they deleted apps from their smartphone “often”. One in five even noted that they regularly delete apps within three months of downloading them. All of these statistics leave software on mobile devices looking pretty disposable. A major factor behind these statistics is the storage constraints of mobiles, especially on cheaper devices with small amounts of on-board memory. However, as an app developer, what I do find surprising is that I see so many businesses investing a lot of time, resources and money into creating innovative apps for their customers, in the hope of hooking them for the long-term, and then the app fails almost immediately.