Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions 

Does the hair pattern change after I wash and condition my hair?

Our raw hair is 100% pure and unprocessed meaning that no steam or chemicals has been used to manipulate the pattern of the hair. The hair is in its natural hair state with the exception of our "Bentu curl" which has no chemicals but has been steam processed in order to achieve its curl pattern. Please note that even with the same hair type, no two bundles are the same especially with curly hair. Each bundle is cut from a single donor but we cannot ensure you all our bundles will be cut from the same donor. In addition once the hair has been washed and/or conditioned, the hair will return back to its natural state always

How much hair will I need?

The amount of hair needed depends on the hairstyle and how full you would want your hair to be. With closures and frontals with bundles that are 12"-16" in length, 2 bundles should be enough. If your looking for lengths between 16" - 24", 3 bundles should be good. With leave out with bundles of "12 - 16" 2-3 bundles. 16 - 24" 3-4 bundles

How long will my hair last?

Our hair is 100% natural and chemical free and because of that it could typically last 2-3 years however no two people are the same. How long hair last depends on the care of the hair and how often it is reused, dyed and heat pressed. Please check our hair care instructions in order to know how to properly take care of your hair extensions

Is it okay to dye, bleach, or use heat tools in my hair?

Absolutely, the benefit of using raw hair is that you may treat the hair as your own hair. Since our hair is unprocessed you may colour, cut straighten and curl as you please

How do I take care of my hair?

Every hair texture will have specific directions on how to properly take care of each hair. However generally, each hair should be washed and conditioned before installation, and continuously once a week thereafter.