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Who we are?

Right off the bat it is important for you to know that we are much more than a hair company. Our #1 priority is to help individuals use their talents to be the best versions of themselves. We are 3 regular people who happen to be fans of makeup, beauty and hair, and also devoted to making a difference. We've spent a significant amount of time researching beauty related problems that plague females and came to a realization that our beauty is never celebrated. The lead founder of Beautynbrushes, Ruth Kusi-Asare took it upon herself to start making a change. This call to action started the Beautynbrushes instagram page which was created to shed a light on primarily black beauty influencers around the world, stemming from the notion that black female beauty stylists were underrepresented. Kwaku Watson and Abigail Adu were brought on board to further the efforts. On our page we frequently received requests for quality hair.  We were constantly hearing complaints by frustrated  individuals complaining that they received low quality hair from vendors claiming to sell "virgin" hair bundles. This led us to our second call of action, stage 2, offering Raw and quality premium bundles. This stage is only the second step to achieving what Beautynbrushes set out to achieve. Follow, support and engage with us, and we assure you that you will not  be disappointed with what we have in store.

How do we ensure your hair is top quality?

A big part of feeling good is looking good. Beautynbrushes aims to offer the highest of quality products to make sure that the feeling good part is taken care of. So how do we ensure your hair is of top quality? We do this by completely understanding what makes quality raw hair extensions and making sure our hair goes through this process by  inspecting and testing the hair. It is this process that has allowed us to provide you with what virgin hair is truly suppose to be, completely unprocessed raw hair. This means no chemicals ,silicones, fillers or dyes are used on the hair to make bad hair look good or to alter the texture and natural state of the hair. You’re receiving your bundles at its most purest form completely raw. All of our hair Collections whether it is our Raw SEA  Burmese Hair Collection or our Raw Indian Remy Hair Collection we guarantee quality.