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Our Hair

Each bundle comes from a single donor and the cuticles are all aligned going in the same direction. Our Raw hair is what virgin hair is truly suppose to be, completely unprocessed. This means no chemicals ,silicones, fillers or dyes are used on the hair to make bad hair look good or to alter the texture and natural state of the hair.Our customers receive the hair at its most purest form.Raw hair is quality hair. Hair that won't be brittle and Matt after a few weeks or months, hair that won't turn into a fur ball after simply washing or dying it. BNB Raw hair is not simply hair extensions but we offer hair that with proper care can last you a lifetime.




Why Choose Beautynbrushes hair


When it comes to products we aim to make sure that they are premium.  We do not tolerate anything that is low quality. We hate companies that claim to have high quality hair  products but  offer poor quality hair products.  We hate how a lot of us still buy hair  without really knowing what kind of hair were going to get and where the hair is truly coming from.

We expect you to let us know whenever you feel that there is anything we are doing that is not of high quality. High quality is what we live by. Our aim is to serve the black female population and we will use our experience and expertise to help out. This means that no matter what service or products we provide, they must be of the highest quality possible as low quality service/products would be doing a disservice to the very people we aim to serve.